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Older versions of Intel Intrinsics Guide: data-X.X.X.xml file


Dear Intel community,

Is it possible to obtain older versions of the intrinsics specification file data-X.X.X.xml? At the moment of the writing of this inquiry, the latest version available is 3.4 [1]. The reason for this request is because we created a tool that is able to automatically generate domain specific languages (DSL) from the XML specification file, and to use the same DSLs to generate SIMD code, providing full support for vectorization [2]. We like to test our generator, and see how robust it is over different versions of the XML specification. 

So far I was able to salvage:

  1. data-3.2.2.xml 
  2. data-3.3.1.xml
  3. data-3.3.11.xml
  4. data-3.3.14.xml
  5. data-3.3.16.xml
  6. data-3.4.xml

But ideally, I would like to obtain all versions.

Alen Stojanov


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