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A clarification needed regarding Intel IPP Licensing

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Dear All,
First of all I am very sorry for asking this query here. I feel its not the right forum to ask about this but as i could not find anyother appropritae place, so posting my query here.
As per the IPP single user license, it is mentioned that we can develop a product using IPP and then we are eligible to sell/provide unlimited copies of product by including IPP redistributive components.
Now my query is that suppose there is any third party (company) say 'A' which want us (say company 'B') to develope a product for them by using IPP, then
- if we (company 'B') purchase a single user license for development then will that make company 'A' eligible to sell the developed product to their customers on same license? Or
- company 'A' also need to purchse one more separate license for selling the product to their customers? OR
- only company 'A' purchase a single user license which company 'B' can use for development and 'A' can use for product selling.
Kindly clarify my doubts.
Please excuse me again if i am asking it onwrong place. I will be thakful to you if u can let me know where to ask about it.
Thanks for your help n support in advance
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The developers who are writing code, compiling, and testing using Intel IPP API will require Intel IPP licenses. For details, you can look at EULA:

and the following FAQ:


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