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IPPs slow down performance for Release version of my code!!! HELP...

Hi all,
I am working on a speech codec optimization and I am a bit confused about the following: I have replaced many loops and functions with Intel IPP functions like ippsDotProd, ippsMulC, ippFir, etc... but I have not had ANY speed increase. Only Debug version of my code works significantly faster withIPPs but Release version is even a bitSLOWER with IPPs than without!!! What could be the problem? I have used Vtune, butit only workswith the Debug version, whichis ok -faster with IPPs. The problem is the Release version.
It seams that the Compiler somehow optimizes Release version in a way that IPPs loose their advantage. I have used Microsoft VS 6.0 compiler and Intel C compiler also, they workabout the same (MS produces a bit faster codeno matter what config I use forIntelcompiler).
Please help.
(i have been using IPPs for some time now, and my registration should have expired since it is a trial version, when will it expire?)
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Dear Customer,
To solve this problem, you may need to submit a completed report to Intel Premier Support at where Intel IPP support staff will provide assistance on this issue.
To efficiently diagnose the root of problem, you need to send us your test case that can illustrate the slowness on release mode, and the version of IPP you are using, and any other importantinformation that can help us to find the problem.
Have you registeredthe latest Intel IPP 4.0 through ? Your premier account with this version of IPPshouldbe valid at this time. If you are having trouble registering or unable to access your Premier Support account, contact
Intel IPP Support
For Intel IPP Official Technical Support, please
contact us via
For Intel IPP on-line help, please visit
For Intel general software support information,

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