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Image Processing Easy to understand Document

I'm new to IPP usage. I've beendeveloping Graphics Designing applications for quite sometime. I know little bit about Image Processing. While working with IPP I found it to be efficient than other libraries I've worked with.
But problem, that I face today is I could not found a document which can describe about which API can give simple implementation of Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Saturation etc.
So If anyone can help me on getting a easy to understand API reference guide or a document then It will be a great help.
Thanks in advance.
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The Intel IPP libraries by design are low level API which include only computation intensive kernels of some widely used functionality. For example, Brightness, Contrast or whatever might be constructed from call to several IPP functions. I would recommend you to take a look into DMIP sample, which intended to provide kind of higher level framework, built on top of IPP functions, where you should be able easely and effectively construct image processing algorithms, while utilizing pipelined and parallel processing at the same time. The DMIP sample application contains Brightness correction workload as one of example workloads.

And we would like to gather your feedback on that API, how does it fit your needs, are there anything what you think need or mightbe improved in DMIP?
Would you prefer C++ wrappers on top of IPP image processing functionality to simplify use of IPP low level functions?

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