Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
Deliberate problems developing high-performance vision, signal, security, and storage applications.
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Intel Parallel Studio 2011 is now launched - Intel IPP is part of it!

The Intel Parallel Studio 2011 just became available, it provides Microsoft* Visual Studio* C/C++ developers a comprehensive tool suite that includes an innovative threading assistant, optimizing compiler and libraries ( including Intel IPP, Intel TBB), memory threading error checker, and threading performance profiler. Please find more releaseand download infoat

Learn more solutionsfortask and data parallelisms from Intel Parallel Studio 2011.

The Intel IPP 7.0 based is included in one of its 4 components "Intel Parallel Composer 2011", you can alsoget separate downloads of these 4 components. In addition, check this article to find out how the Intel IPP is offered from bundled productsand standalone products.

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