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Invalid read of size 8 when srcRoiSize is for full source image i.e same as first argument pSrc in ippiCopyConstBorder_16u_C1R


Invalid read of size 8 when using ippiCopyConstBorder_16u_C1R(const Ipp<datatype>* pSrcint srcStepIppiSize srcRoiSizeIpp<datatype>* pDstint dstStepIppiSizedstRoiSizeint topBorderHeightint leftBorderWidthconst Ipp<datatype> value[3] for full source image ROI as highlighted.

When pSrc image is changed( increasing its width and height by 1) then there is no issue.

Please confirm if usecase is valid that source ROI can be full source image. and if yes, Please confirm if there is a invalid read of 8 bytes.


IPP vsersion used :8.0

Valgrind logs:

==5662== Invalid read of size 8
==5662==    at 0xA14A573: __intel_ssse3_memcpy (in /magichome/cots/intel/ipp80/ia32/
==5662==    by 0x8AB9510: s8_ippiCopyConstBorder_16u_C1R (in /magichome/cots/intel/ipp80/ia32/

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