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Is the Intel® IPP Asynchronous C/C++ library included in the standard IPP library?


I have searched the site quite rigorously but have been unable to determine for sure if the asynchronous library described here ( is available as part of the library downloaded from here (

Note: I have actually installed Student version of Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for windows (, which as far as I can tell includes the ipp library linked above.

I intend to use the library as part of OpenCV-3.0, which I have successfully built without ipp_a for the time being using cmake (

My end goal for now is to be able to run this tutorial successfully (

Any feedback appreciated! Thanks

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The asynchronous library is preview library, and it is not available in IPP now. 

The Preview releases were intended to solicit community feedback about the features, and it  may change based on community feedback.  At this time, there are no features in the IPP preview packages are included in the IPP, and the prior packages are no longer available.

While that package is not there,  IPP offers the IPPCV package, which provides the CPU optimization for some OpenCV functions:  

please check the new OpenCV 3.0 documentation on this:

a subset of Intel IPP (IPPCV) is given to us and our users free of charge, free of licensing fees, for commercial and non-commerical use. It’s used by default in x86 and x64 builds on Windows, Linux and Mac.


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Ok great, thanks for the response!

Final Question: does the IPPCV package that's bundled with OpenCV 3.0 include ALL of the possible ipp related improvements to the running of OpenCV? Or would I be better off linking OpenCV to the (more complete) ipp directory contained within the student Parallel Studios XE cluster edition I have installed on my system?

For example, I have noticed that the lib directory for IPPCV includes only one .lib file (ippicvmt.lib), whereas the lib directory for ipp in parallel studios contains many more .lib files (16 in total).

What would your advice be?

Thanks a lot,

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Hi Dan,

 as far as we know of OpenCV 3.0, it has 3 unique IPP-only functions and others are the same ( ICV : 109 function calls, IPP : 112 function calls ). Additionally, if the IPP on your machine is 9.0, it won't be successfully built with  OpenCV for the moment. So it wouldn't hurt just using ICV for now.

Thank you.

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