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Issues after upgrading to IPP 6

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Dear IPP experts,

sorry for reposting the same thing once more, but after some hours we are sure that something very strange happens in the IPP 6. In the IPP 5.1 release (IPP + samples) we could easily use more decoder instances in one process linked dynamically or statically to CRT (C runtime libraries on Windows) - for example MPEG4 and H264 decoders that we have separated in DLLs. Now after the upgrade to IPP 6 this is not possible! Running the H264 and MPEG4 decoders standalone works, but when we loadmore instances of the decoders in one process (from one or more DLLs) that are dynamically linked to CRT, the MPEG4 decoder makes the H264 decoder stops working (no new working H264 decoder can be created and run) ! The MPEG4 decoder continues working properly without any issues. Linking the decoder libraries to debug CRT removes the problem - strange.Any help would be highly appreciated. We really need help with this issue. Thanks in advance

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