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I've been working on a new library of functions called the Math eXtension Library (or MXLib)that uses IPP and I think this forum is the perfect place to announce it (once it's ready next month). I don't want to break some forum rule and get the guys at Intel mad at me.

Basically it's a C++ wrapper around IPP that uses a MatLab-ish syntax and tries to match MatLab results as close as possible. I know this sounds like OpenCV, but there's a difference. A lot/most researchers develop their algorithms using MatLab but when it comes time to move on to prototyping and product development they have to translate the code to C/C++. Even a library like OpenCV or IT++ can be intimidating to someone who is not a full-time C++ developer and getting the results to match your MatLab code can be difficult and time consuming. Usually you end uppaying some developer (like me) a lot of money (yeah!) to do the translation for you. I'm getting tired of re-doing the same stuff over and over again for different employers so I'm developing my own free GPL library to do this. For a lot of MatLab code you can basically copy the code from the MatLab editor, paste it intoyour C++editor, add the object instantiations, code around a relatively few things that aresupported by MatLab syntax but not C++ ( i.e. x(:, 1:10) becomes x( ALL, 1, 10) ) and hit build.

Anyway, is it okay to announce the library here when it's ready?

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