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Use of IPP Codec Samples in commercial application

The question is: if we have a valid Intel IPP license, can we ship a commercial application in which we link with static library files compiled from the A/V codec sample code? (in addition to the redistributable IPP runtime libraries)
I'm not talking about patent licenses, but whether or not we can use the sample source code (ex: H.264) in a compiled application.
The IPP Sample Source License and the Licensing FAQ is not very clear about this:
it says:
What are the license terms and/or license fees for using Intel IPP samples?
Intel IPP samples are provided to show how to use Intel IPP functionality. Some of these samples illustrate the use of Intel IPP in implementing functionality defined by industry standards. These samples are not product-feature-complete codec solutions.
When products are built in accordance to industry standards, there is often intellectual-property licensing involved. Such industry standards are international standards promoted by various standards bodies, such as ISO, ITU-T, and other organizations. When companies produce products in accordance with industry standards, they must ensure that they secure the appropriate technology and intellectual property licensing from the standards bodies and other third parties. Intel IPP material provides pointers to the standards bodies. Industry-standard licensing is not provided as part of Intel IPP, nor is it provided with these example illustrations.

We do understand that the sample code is no product-feature-complete, and may need Industry-standard licensing,
but this FAQ item does not answer the question: can the sample code be compiled into a commercial application, or can it only be used as an illustration/documentation of the APIs?
There seems to be at least one example we know of of a binary distribution of plugins that seem to be linking with code compiled from the IPP sample codecs, at

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I am not authorizedto comment on Intel product License terms and defintion. My recomendation is to involve your company legal department and let them review IPP and IPP samples license (you probably noticed ippEULA.rtf file within sample package?)

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