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Using private communication


Intel IPP forum provide a private communication channel between IPP support engineer and forum users. If you have some information that does not want to be public (e.g, the serial number, some source code), you can ask a private communication withthe support engineers. The private communication content will not publish to the forum users.

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Hi Chao,
By going through the UMC reference manual, I couldn't find any example on using the advance features such as I Frame/B Frame/P Frame, Intra prediction etc. I just have the "UMC::H264EncoderParams class members" documentation in the manual.
1. If there is any usage example or additional manuals on the different parameters inH264EncoderParams class, could you please direct me to that?
2. The UMC H264 encoder class seems to have a method called GetReconstructedFrame. I assume there is some relevance in it's usage in the H264 encoding context. Could you clarify?
3. Among the continuous stream of frames, how is the UMC going to maintain the State information needed to identify till which frame number it is going to get P frames, when does the next I frame start etc?
Could you please give us insight into this, which is very essential for us to design our Multimedia conferencing product?

Thanks in advance,
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