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Whats New in Intel IPP 6.1 Update1?

The followings are new features or bug fixes in Intel IPP 6.1 update 1.
Added new optimizations for video encoding coding related SATD functions optimization for H.264 encoding
Fixed issue in Intel IPP data compression library for zlib algorithm when handling data file sizes large than >4 Gb.
Corrected parameter definitions in color space conversion function ippiYCbCr422ToYCrCb420_8u_C2P3R used in audio-video-coding Sample
Corrected sample code in Packet Loss Concealment (PLC) algorithm implementation from plcg711.c from Speech Coding sample
Fixed memory corruption issue used in morphological reconstruction function ippiMorphReconstructDilate_8u_C1IR
Corrected decompression results in different threads for LZO algorithm
Corrected results for image resize function ippiResizeSqlPixel with small size images
Fixed issue for the access of managed memory in unmanaged code in Intel IPP C# Sample
Fixed Intel IPP sample building issue (missing libiomp5.dylib) in Mac* OS environment
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