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ippiDeinterlaceMotionAdaptive_8u_C1() strange artifacts


I am using the function ippiDeinterlaceMotionAdaptive_8u_C1() and I am experimenting with the "threshold" parameter. I notice as I increase the threshold, I am getting a strange artifacts.

I am usinga NTSC input, somy "topFirst" is set to 0. I set"topField" to 0 to process the bottom field. "threshold" set to 255 to show the artifact. "copyField" is set to 1. My video is a moving vertical bar from left to right with field motion just for testing.

Lets label the frames 0, 1, 2, 3. TF=top field, BF=bottom field.

Here is what I get from the output of the function:
1stframe is composed of1TFand 0BF
2ndframe is composed of2TFand 1BF
so on...

As you can see, combining 1TF and 0BF causes a significant artifact because temporally they are not sitting beside each other. 0BF is 3 fields away from 1TF temporally.

I know its probably not very practical to set the threshold to 255, but seeing the artifact makes me think maybe I am not doing the right thing, or the deinterlacing alogorithmis picking the wrong field/frame.

The other thing that I should mention is if I change "topField" to 1, and keep everything else the same, including the same footage, the ouput looks correct temporally.

I hope its not too confusing. But please let me know if you want more details.

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