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timing problems after call of IPP functions with filter kernels like ippiFilter_8u_C1R, ippiFilterRow_8u_C1R, ippiFilterColumn_8u_C1R or the UIC JPG encoding function

After usage of on of the above mentioned functions
i sometimes get a serious delay of image grabbing using USB or GigE
cameras from IDS. This happens, even though the usage of the IPP-functions and
the image grab are not working in parallel! The usage of the IPP-functions and
image grabbing are strictly serial.
This problem does not occur, when i use IPP filter
functions without a kernel like ippiFilterMedian_8u_C1R

It seems that after usage of this filter functions WINDOWS
needs sometimes time to clean up the memory.

Of course this could be a problem of the camera driver also,
but maybe someone knows a solution for this problem.

more detailed informations:
1. Occurance with USB-cameras
-IDS Camera UEye UI-1240C
-IDS Camera UEye UI-1460C
i get a image grab-timeout about every 100-1000 cycles of
image grabbing and usage of IPP-filters
My actual workaround is to use IPL filter function iplConvolve2D
instead of IPP filter functions. This avoids the
problem, but the IPL filter function is much slower.
For the UIC JPG encoding function we actually have no work around!

2. Occurance with GigE-cameras
-IDS Camera Ueye UI 5480M
the average image grab time is about 50msec (using AOI), but about every
10-20 image grab the grab time is extended about factor 3-4
(up to about200msec)

For this camera i found the following solution:
After increase of the Receive Descriptors of the Intel network
adapter from 254 to 2048 the problem disapeared.
This setup can be done under
DeviceManager->Network adapters->Intel...->Properties->Advanced
->PerformanceOptions->Properties->Receive Descriptors

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