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About my article on Availability and efficiency..



I have corrected something about ANOVA on my following article..

Now you can read this:

"In quality management, quality can also be maintained and
improved through the detection and reduction of process
variation. Whre statistical techniques as ANOVA and others
can be used.. "

We have many mathematical tools that we can use in Quality control,
example: Correlation, Regression , ANOVA etc.

ANOVA is a powerfull and important mathematic tool in
Quality control , by calculating the p-value in Excel or other
statistical tools , this will give us an important information like
if one or more variables have a significant effect on other
variables. If for example the p-value <= 0.05 (or if F > critical F value)
this imply that the null hypothesis is rejected , and the factor (or factors)
has in fact an effect.."


Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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