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Distributed Reader-Writer Mutex 1.0



Distributed Reader-Writer Mutex 1.0


Distributed Reader-Writer Mutex, based on the Dmitry Vyukov
C++ Distributed Reader-Writer Mutex , I have included the following
Reader-Writer Mutexes inside this Distributed Reader-Writer mutex:
TOmniMREW a light weight MREW that is very fast and
TMultiReadExclusiveWrite from JCL and now both of them
can scale better, and i have modified a little bit the Dmitry Vyukov
Distributed Reader-Writer Mutex, i have not used GetCurrectProcessor()
but i have used GetCurrectThreadID() like this:
nbr := getcurrentthreadid mod proc_count; i have provided you
with the source code, please take a look at the source code to understand

The Object Pascal Distributed Reader-Writer Mutex 1.0
 is based on the following C++ Distributed Reader-Writer Mutex
by Dmitry Vyukov, read more here:

I have also modified the Dmitry Vyukov's Distributed
Reader-Writer Mutex  to use a variable number of MREWs,
you can pass the number of MREWs to the constructor like
this: drw:=TDRWLOCK.create(1000);

You have four methods:

procedure wlock; // like the EnterWriteLock of TOmniMREW
procedure wunlock; // like the ExitWriteLock
procedure rlock; // like EnterReadLock
procedure runlock; // like the ExitReadLock

and you have to pass the number of MREWs(multiple-readers-exclusive-writer)
to the constructor like this:

drw:=TDRWLOCK.create(1000); // here we are creating 1000 MEWs

Language: FPC Pascal v2.2.0+ / Delphi 7+:

Operating Systems: Win and Linux (x86).

Required FPC switches: -O3 -Sd -dFPC -dWin32 -dFreePascal

-Sd for delphi mode....

Required Delphi switches: -DMSWINDOWS -$H+

For Delphi use -DDelphi

And inside you can use the following defines:

{$DEFINE CPU32} for 32 bits systems

{$DEFINE CPU64} for 64 bits systems

{$DEFINE TOmniMREW} to use Omnithread MREW

{$DEFINE TMultiReadExclusiveWrite} to use the jcl TMultiReadExclusiveWrite

You can download Distributed Reader-Writer Mutex 1.0 from:

Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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