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Error compiling MKL for Xeon Phi (MIC) with Compiler assited Offload mode in Visual Studio


Hello all,

I am new to Xeon Phi and MKL and I am trying to compile the Compiler assisted Offload for the sgemm example in C++ in Windows using Visual Studio (VS) Prof. R12.

I have set the properties in VS project to include MKL libraries, parallel for ilp64 (32bit ints) and set "mandatory" in the offload mode.

The tests I am running are on a 7200 KNC MIC. I have tried other simple applications all successful including reductions with compiler assisted offloading, implicit memory model and native execution. The driver is working fine and I can SSH to the MIC and mount a shared NFS directory. But calling an MKL function from VS using the compiled assisted offloading has not worked.

The error I get follows:

"error : function "sgemm" called in offload region must have been declared with compatible "target" attribute 1> sgemm(&transA, &transB, &n, &n, &n, &alpha, A, &n, B, &n, &beta, C, &n);"

It would seem that the cross compilation is simply not happening because the compiler is not informed of it and there is no forward declaration instructing the compiler to do it. I would assume that this gets done in the "mkl.h" header file or some of the other ones called therein.

I have also added the MKL include and lib paths in the VS paths entry in my solution's properties to no avail.


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If you don't get a response here, either the Mic or mkl forum are more likely to elicit an expert response.