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How to get VTune work for tuning OpenMP optimized program?


Hi guys!

I installed VTune 9.0 two days ago and tried to use it to profile OpenMP optized programs. However, it always crashed when start to collect iinformation. The same things happened on2 computers managed by two different persons. My pc is a Core Duo machine with 2GB memory. And the anotherpc isPentium 4.

I checked manual of VTune. It is said that if I want to use OpenMP options of Thread Profiler of VTune, the program should be compiled with Intel Compiler with option of /Qopenmp-profile. I am using MS Visual Studio 2005 as IDE, and ICC 9.1 as compiler. I also used the option of /Qopenmp-profile. However, it did not work.

Can anyone tell me how to set the VStudio 2005 , ICC and VTune to let them work together to profile OpenMP optimized programs? Thanks.

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If you have built with openmp-profile, you should be able to run outside VTune, then import the profiling data collection file into VTune. Make certain that you have given sufficient stack space; I suppose profiling could increase stack requirement.

If you want to use VTune for event based sampling, you build your application with debug enabled, but with full optimization. Your description above leaves a lot of scope for guesswork.

If the application is too big for VTune event based sampling in 32-bit Windows, you may have more success under 64-bit Windows, using either a 32- or 64-bit build.


Thank you tim.

Today I upgraded VTune from to 0.37. And the problem solved. Maybe it isdue to abug fixed in the new version.