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How to use -openmp-profile to generate gvs file for vtune?

Hello ~

I have read the intel thread profiler and threading documents to see how to profile openmp app. It said that there are two ways to see the profile in gui mode for LINUX. The first way is to use tprofile_cl -d dir APP to generate the profile data in linux system and put them into windows system, and to use thread profiler windows version to open the data. The second way is to use -openmp-profile while compiling the binary and while executing the binary, a gvs file will be generated and vtune (linux version) can open it. I tried the second method. However, I can't obtain the gvs file after the program is done. I used icc 10.1.011, vtune for linux, and Tprofile3.1_012rdc for linux. I know that vtune can obtain text profile for openmp, but I'd like to see the gui profile and the run time analysis (elapse time). Do I miss anything and how can I generate the gvs file? Thanks a lot...


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To view guide.gvs in linux, simply use a text viewer. There's useful information there which doesn't show up in the Windows plots, even should you be successful in obtaining them. You might be able to make your own plots using the linux plot utility of your choice, should you care to do so.
guide.gvs should appear in the current directory upon successful completion of a run using OpenMP profiling library. tprofile and vtune have no role in this; I think tprofile will rm guide.gvs.
Besides the option of linking with openmp-profile: if you linked with the default, you can set LD_PRELOAD=/ in order to generate guide.gvs.
Threats of taking away these capabilities appear to have been postponed until next year.
I notice that I linked with iomp5 originally. After linking to iomp5prof, the gvs file is generated well. I just think it should automatically link to the correct library since openmp-profile is add in compile option. But it seems that -liomp5prof is needed. Thanks a lot for your help.