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Is it possible to enable part of cores only?

If i have 4 cpu, each 8 cores. Can i make it only run 6 core each??

i tried to google but only find limitted info about this and not so clear.
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Are you using Windows or Linux?

For a specific application or all applications?

For all applications except ....?

With code embedded into the application or external to the application?

For any 6 cores of 8 core processor or a specific set of 6 cores of 8 core processor?

Both Windows and Linux have a mens to control the applicaiton (also known as a process) to a specific hardware thread or set of hardware threads. Where the documentation usually refers to these as "processor". The key words to google are:

affinityprocess restrict
affinity programming

The above searches should yield some useful links.

Jim Dempsey