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Problem of performance - 32bits OS


Hi everyone,

I'm a newcomer on this forum and need your help, as something does bother me right now.

I currently have two computers, one running Windows XP Pro 64bits and the other one Windows XP Pro 32bits. The processor is this one: Intel Xeon CPU W3540 at 2.93GHz.
Originally, both were runningWindows XP Pro 64bits. I've just switched to the 32 bits version of Windows on one computer, as some softwares would not run on 64 bits.

We've got the exact same BIOS configuration on both computers. Also, last service pack installed on both computers. No hardware problems have been detected, since I run an Open Source software to check if the processor was running at his full speed, and it was ok.

The issue is the following one: I'm using a software optimized for multi-threading, and when doing some processing, the processor is running at its full speed with the 64-bits OS, but not with the 32-bits OS (about 25% of resource consumption). Quite strange, isn't it?

Did you face such an issue before?
Any ideas that could help me to find out the pb?

Thanks a lot.


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Probably not very surprising, since you leave open so many possibilities. Among other possibilities, the 32-bit OS would likely not automatically give you efficient use of more than 2GB RAM, which you may need in order to use 4 or 8 threads effectively.
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