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Display Driver Pushed by Windows Update

Help, please?

Like the title of this question states, my November Windows (7, Pro, 64bit) Update is pushing as "Important"

a DRIVER: "Display Driver released in October, "published" (Ms never says WHO "published", or how "published" differs from "released")

and I cannot find that driver anywhere at Intel, even when I select "all Downloads" and "Any OS".

So I am not installing it without getting it from Intel.

I selected the Windows Update settings years ago, and maintain them, which are supposed to "Ignore" ALL driver software.

I am running otherwise fully updated Win7Pro64 on a NUC5i7RYH.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated, I am completely baffled by this one.


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Yea, you aren't finding the release because the version number you are seeing is the raw driver version number, not the version number for the driver installation package. The driver installation package contains two drivers (Intel HD Graphics and Intel HD Audio) and, as a result, the version number for the package is maintained separately from the version numbers for the individual drivers.

As for why Microsoft is changing the rules, what can I say? This is the company that upgraded folks PCs to Windows 10 without their permission and who are now refusing to support these PCs if anything goes wrong - and denying them their license if they upgrade their hardware...



Yeah Scott, I know, Ms doesn't have any "rules", only whim.

I stopped all their nags to "upgrade" my Win7 to Win X, first by manually altering the Reg per advice referenced at Windows Secrets PatchWatch.

Then later I installed a GWX-ControlPanel, to which I added Steve Gibson's tiny Assembly-code "Never10".

Never ever saw those nags again.

As for the driver from Intel being a "packaged" Video and Audio, that raises another point.

I looked through the list at, selecting Win7x64, and looking specifically for what Ms alleges was released in October 2017 by Intel, ... there are NO drivers of any kind, with ANY version or other "Number", released for this computer in October 2017.

So why is Ms even bothering me with this? (That was rhetorical).

I currently have installed Intel Iris Graphics 6100 driver # released in Sep. 2016. In Sept 2016 I downloaded

And unzipped, it contains a folder DisplayAudio. Close to an oxymoron. My current driver for Intel DisplayAudio: dated 5/10/2016. So I may upgrade that, although I also have a Realtek Driver.

But I don't see any Intel verification of Ms claim that I "need" this "Important!" driver or driver set.

And I never install any drivers for any thing from Ms. Windows Update. Those have a bad rep of messing up sys's.

So I am still looking to settle the matter.

Thanks for the response.


Mi St


If anyone sees this (feels like I'm hollering into the void):

1: I can't believe I am unable to figure out how to browse threads and by subjects , because I want to do more research on my issue reading under NUC and Graphics and Drivers.

I feel like I got stuck here, and only got back here by going through my Profile info.

1a) NEVERMIND point 1, I kinda figured the navigation out, came back to edit and add this 1a).

2: Meanwhile, I have been trying to get my profile changed and did at Intel but NOT at

I am trying to stay away from my old email (yahoo) and change my email on communities to match what I did just accomplish at plain ole intel.

3: Finally, what's the link "@ Mention" for, in the lower right corner of this post form?

Any help from anybody would be appreciated. Gettin' way too old, I guess.

Scott? PS I spent another long time trying to find any data at intel that verifies the Ms push. Nada.

Mi St often aka "DrWattsOn" meaning Dr Watts On.

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For # 1, I saw your NEVERMIND, but decided to answer you anyway. Click on Browse (in the Blue Banner) and then Places and then on the forum you would like to browse. Once you are there, click on Discussions (in the grey banner) to see best view (IMHO) of the recent content. Than, I set up shortcuts in a toolbar to take me to this view within each of the forums that I watch regularly.

For # 2, click on the down arrow beside your avatar picture (right-hand end of blue banner), select Edit Profile and then click on the Your Profile tab. The email address can be changed about half-way down the page. Note that you can use the Preferences selection on the drop-down menu to select what notifications you receive via email. Note also that no one other than administrators can see the email addresses that you use. Now, I am not sure that changing the email address used for notifications actually changes the email to which your account is tied. You might have to create a new userid to change this (of you do, please post request for your old userid to be deleted).

For # 3, the "@Mention" feature allows you to include a mention of someone within your post. Typing "@" (or clicking on @Mention) will result in a dialog that you can use to find the userid for the person you want to mention.

Hope this helps,