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How to fix a noisy fan Intel NUC6i7KYK


I have an Intel NUC6i7KYK from 2016. Everything works fine.

One day the fan started to make a loud, unbearable noise. I read forums for suggestions for solutions, but nothing helped.

So first of all I assume that a proper fan is not supposed to make noise no matter how fast it turns. So I gently dismantle the fan, the propeller, cleaned the dust and most importantly, applied a very small drop of veseline to the engine's axle.

That's all, now working in complete silence

You have to do this work carefully and gently, because you can not get an original fan

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Hi XEON1234,



Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We appreciate this information.


This is an excellent information on how to fix this fan noise. Please bear in mind that for Intel the only way to get new fan would be sending the Intel® NUC back for warranty service.



In case you need warranty service, please contact us at:






Allan J.

It's a pity (a shame?) that it's not possible to get an other fan without sending the whole unit back to anywhere .

It's also a pity that this fan is of such poor quality.

I have mine making such a noise that I can barely hear the planes taking off at the neighour airport... or is it my Nuc who tries to take off ? Maybe it will learn to fly when I shall get rid of that noise and throw it out of my window.

By the way vaseline did not help...