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Intel NUC5i3RYK, when are you going to release Express BIOS for us?



Hi Ronny, it's almost end of January 2019, and still no one is making an effort of releasing the express BIOS for "older" models e.g. NUC5i3RYK. Last BIOS release was 375 in not so far November and of course it didn't include Express BIOS version.

Really it frustrates me . I don't want to wait again for months for a newer release that maybe isn't coming. I'm still stuck on 0369 because no one seems to care. Could you please urge on this? It's not only for me but for the thousands of business customers that sure are in the same situation.

As the original thread (withdrawal of express bios) was closed, I have to open a new one...

Thanks Ronny for keeping contact!

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Hi CMOW, I understand your frustration and I apologize for that, let me ask right away about the status and I will get back to you soon. Regards, Ronny G
Community Manager
Hi CMOW, Unfortunately I dont have good news about this request, here is the answer I just got after a lot of discussion about why we need EBU for Rock Canyon: The new EBU relies on code that it is also required to be posted on Windows Update. The Product Development Team decided to add this code starting from Baby Canyon. Rock Canyon is an older platform with old AMI* core, that doesn't support it. In summary, Rock Canyon will never get the new EBU update package, I am really sorry not be able to help you with this request, I hope that you understand. Regards, Ronny G