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My Intel NUC5i5MYBE won't boot and is making weird noises and smells


I had just powred on my nuc (It doesn't have a case just a bare board, if that helps) when it started booting into windows normally, then I went to plug in my mouse and it just died. Now when I plug it in the DC in port makes a weird noise and when I press the pwr button the white led flashes once and the fan spins for a split second. I have tried everything I know, reset the cmos reseated ram and ssd, tried booting with no ssd, no ram, then w/o either, I have tried 3 different PSUs all the right voltage and wattage, I have inspected the board and visually there is nothing wrong with it. I'm stumped, Please help !

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  1. Clean the thermal solution. Watch this video clip where to look:
  2. Disconnect the CMOS battery and reconnect it after 15 minutes.





I wil try repasting the cpu again but last time did it was about a month ago and I haven't really used it since, I have un plugged the cmos battery for 15min multiple times already. But thanks for the help anyway.

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You plugged your mouse into a USB port and this happened? Sounds like the mouse created a short. Disconnect power completely, unplug this mouse and then try powering on again. If it works, throw this mouse away and get a replacement. If it doesn't work, then the short damaged the board. In this case, you may be replacing the board.


Regardless of what happens, replacing the TIM will accomplish nothing. The processor will still power on and should even boot (albeit slowly) without the blower unit attached at all.