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NUC5i5RYB freezing in Windows 10 after BIOS update


Since a while I noticed booting Windows 10 on my NUC was very slow. It keeps showing the NUC logo and the dotted circle for a long time. Even though it's running on an SSD (an M4).

Then I decided to update all my drivers using the Intel driver tool. That tool also notified me of a BIOS update (version 0367), which I also installed. Installing it went fine, but now I'm having troubles running Windows 10 (also fully updated).

Booting Windows 10 still takes a long time, but after using the PC for about an hour (mostly watching a movie), it just freezes. I notice Windows isn't responding, but my mouse still is. I can't click anywhere and nothing responds (like CTRL-ALT-DEL). While watching the movie, first the screen hangs and sound continues for a little while. Then also audio stops.

The only way to 'resolve' this is by holding the power button and force a shutdown.

I know there were issues with BIOS update 0368 and it has been revoked because of that. But apparently I installed 0367 and also have issues. The NUC was running fine (although booting was slow) before I updated everything.

Is there anything I can do? My NUC is hardly usable now!

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Hello Amelsfort

1. First off all you shall reinstall your Bios using recovery method, rather than Intel's tool. The easiest way to recover your Bios is to use the Power Button Menu method:

1.1 Prepare USB stick fully formatted (disable Quick format option during formatting) to FAT32 with Bios file Download BIOS Update [RYBDWi35.86A]

1.2 While NUC is OFF insert this USB into USB slot.

1.3 Press and hold the Power Button (for about 3 sec). You should release the Power Button soon as the power led changes color from blue to amber. NUC will reboot into Power Button Menu. With the USB containing the latest bios file, press F4 and the recovery shall start.

1.4 After recovery is competed, pull out the power cord from the NUC, remove the USB and after replacing the power cord, power ON your NUC.

2. If your computer is still slow, you shall look for problem in your Windows installation:

2.1 Check all your startup items and disable all unnecessary items.

2.1 If still your computer run slowly, my suggestion to you is to repair (replace) your Windows. It can be done very easy with an in place Windows upgrade. Please follow this tutorial and your Windows will be replaced without loosing anything (all your personal data and your application will be not touched): Windows 10 Help Forums .

Hope this will help