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ASUS Z270 boards will not support Optane Acceleration for Data Drive


Just wanted to give you all a heads up that ASUS is not going to be developing the necessary update to the Intel RAID Driver in the bios Z270 boards that allows for Optane Memory to accelerate a secondary or data drive. You can still use it to accelerate your main drive. Kinda strange because the site says it "Fully Supports Optane Memory" but doesn't for data drive acceleration. GET READY FOR INTEL® OPTANE™ MEMORY

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Hello APZ84,



Thanks for posting in the Intel® Optane™ Memory community.



Thank you very much for your feedback regarding this Asus Motherboards. This information is very important for us and the community.



I will share this information with our engineering team. Unfortunately Intel cannot do anything if Asus is not willing to update their BIOS to support the new secondary drive acceleration feature.



Do you have any additional feedback to provide about this information?



Best Regards,


Juan N.


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If nothing else, you can express your displeasure with Asus in your subsequent purchasing decisions...