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Accessing data on hdd after replacing optane with ssd without binding


I recently bought samsung evo 500gb and replaced the optane memory with it. Unfortunately because of the ignorance, i did not bind the optane with hdd before removing optane. Now I will remove hdd, install clean w10, boot it, and install hdd back. My question is can I access the photos I used to store in my HDD previously? If not, is there any way to access those data?

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  1. The easiest way to proceed is to install your Optane Memory back and boot from your HDD and then backup all your data. Next, before removing Optane Memory, disable Optane acceleration first. After doing this, your HDD should be accessibly in the new installation.
  2. If the above is impossible any more try the following:
  3. Before installing Windows, change the SATA mode in Bios from "Intel RST ...." to AHCI.
  4. Install Windows on the new SSD drive.
  5. Reinstall the HDD and power On your computer.
  6. Open Disk Management.
  7.  If you don't see the HDD drive in Disk Management, press Action in menu and then Rescan Discs.
  8. After the HDD appears in the Disk Management, try to access your data.




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