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Deploying OS via Endpoint Configuration Manager to an Optane enabled PC


We have recently taken delivery of a batch of HP DeskPro 600 G6 Desktop Mini PCs and they come factory installed with Optane H storage. I found the following article from HP ( describing in details the steps to create a task sequence that installs and configures the Optane storage module and OS. The problem with this article (apart from there being no way to provide this feedback to HP) is it only describes step by step setting up a task sequence. It doesn't tell you how the disk configuration should look (on the main SSD and the Optane module) or why you are configuring it like this, it's a set of "dumb" instructions.

What I am looking for is some detailed information on configuring an ECM or MDT task sequence to deploy Windows 10 x64 onto an Optane-enabled device. What happens for me is I have created a TS as per the directions on the above HP article but it fails to deploy. I've made minor changes along the way such as double checking the TS references the correct module during partitioning but it's still failing to deploy successfully. The TS will start from within WinPE, download the wim and on reboot it fails to recognise the drive. Unfortunately trying to get any logs at this stage is impossible, by the time it tells you it's failed, there are no logs stored anywhere at that point. F8 within WinPE doesn't work at this stage either so I have no way to retrieve the SMSTS log. What should the drive configuration look like once it's been partitioned for an Optane system? What could possibly be causing it to fail after it has loaded the OS and drivers? I have injected the latest Optane driver pack into the boot image (a new boot image was created for this task specifically) and packaged the RST command line utility to be used in the TS. 

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Hello bdalton,


Thank you for contacting Intel® Memory and Storage support.


As we understand, you need assistance with your HP* DeskPro 600 G6 Desktop Mini PC with Intel® Optane™ Memory H10 with Solid State Storage. If we infer correctly, we will appreciate it if you can review the following information:


1- Please contact your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) HP*, and check they have available an updated version of the document you are following or one that is specific to your system.


2-Take into consideration that the OEM create and modify their solution to fit their needs, and they have their list of compatible hardware, software, and drivers that sometimes is different from our list. For example, there are cases that some of the OEMs allow the usage of the Intel® Optane™ Memory H10 in one mode by using their drivers but not the other, and modifying this can cause an issue with the booting process or damage the OS.


Please, contact HP* to check if they can guide you on how to configure an OSD Task Sequence to deploy the Intel Optane H10 in SCCM. We apologize, but this configuration is out of our scope of support since it is on OEM equipment that may need a specific setup to work as you planned.


We will not close this thread, and you can still post and share your findings with the community. If you need assistance related to another Intel® product, please do not hesitate to contact us back by opening a new thread, and please submit a new question. We will no longer monitor this thread.


We hope fellow community members have the knowledge to jump in and help.


Best regards,


Josh B.

Intel® Customer Support Technician.


Hi Josh,

My question was quite generic, I only mentioned the HP box as an example only because it's what I'm playing around with at the moment. What I'm asking for is more vendor-neutral information relating to the Optane technology itself, and from an educational perspective: how it works, how Windows talks to/deals with it.

What I really need immediately is either version 17.8 of the RST driver (HP only has 17.9 available) or a version of the RST command line utility that is compatible with driver version 17.9.  I can't seem to find it or the Intel driver archive. Any attempt to enable Optane fails due to the version mismatch. Are you able to assist with this?




Hi Josh,

Just an update to say I figured it out. I have successfully completed a build with Optane installed. I download a newer version of the RST tool and installed this on my test machine. I ran it manually and successfully enabled Optane Memory. All I need now is the command line switches so I can deploy it silently to all Optane-capable PC's as part of an Endpoint Configuration Manager task sequence. Can you provide or point me in the direction of where I can find this information please?

Thank you,



@JosafathB_Intel have you any information on silent install/command line switches?