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Detecting PC Optane drives via WMI


I'm a sysadmin who runs mostly Dell PCs. Since Windows 10 v1903 there's been a widespread problem where Optane software (specifically the Explorer component) is installed on machines that don't have Optane drives. This causes error notifications to be posted to the user and noise in the event logs. Removal isn't permanent; next time it scans for Dell updates it will reinstall Optane.


I'd like to create a script to be run by GPO that checks for Optane drives, presumably by WMI. If none are found AND Optane is installed, it will run the uninstall command for it. If Optane drives are found, it will terminate.


The catch is...I don't have any Optane-equipped PCs to use to find the WMI query! This is precautionary; we could end up with some at some point and I don't want to set Group Policy to blindly remove Optane software where it SHOULD exist, only where it SHOULDN'T.


Tried web searches but didn't turn up any documentation. What should the WMI query look like?

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Hello JVand46,


Thank you for posting on the Intel communities. 


This issue seems to be related to the Dell* driver that comes with the Intel® RST pre-installed. Since you do not have Intel® Optane, you can remove Intel® RST manually or ask the system manufacturer. 


Also, we do not support CLI, I would like to recommend you to contact the system manufacturer for assistance with the desired script.



David V


Intel Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel

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