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Help installing optane M10 on a new laptop


Hey guys, 

Ive recently bought a laptop. Its a samsung laptop with 11th gen i3 1115g4  processor. Since it came with a HDD, i tried installing an optane drive i have here (M10 16gb).

Im trying to install intel RST softwate but it says it isnt compatible. I've already check my processor page and it says its compatible with optane drives.

How should i proceed to get this optane drive working?


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Did you enable Optane support in the BIOS? This is usually done via the SATA Mode parameter.


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Did you enable Optane support in the BIOS? This is usually done via the SATA Mode parameter.


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Hi @FFFelipe 

Scott is right, The SATA Mode should be set to "Intel RST Premium with Intel Optane System" instead of default "AHCI". Since I don't know your  BIOS, therefor it can be different name in your laptop. Therefore, I advice to check the User Manual  and/or Samsung Support.

Any way,  In order to change SATA Mode without destroying Windows boot, Windows must be set to SAFE Boot Mode.

Before starting changing the Sata Mode, prepare full backup of you system.

While in Windows, press Windows key + r. Run msconfig .  Chose Boot tab and enable Safe boot. Reboot your system.

During system boot enter Bios.

Now you can change the SATA mode to "Intel RST Premium with Intel Optane System". Save the setting and boot into windows in SAFE mode. Disregard the warning you will see (if any).

While in Windows, press Windows key + r. Run msconfig. Chose Boot tab and uncheck Safe boot.

Reboot your system. Now your system is bootable in "Intel RST Premium with..." mode (however not accelerated).

Download the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) Driver Read carefully all "Detailed Description" before using this driver, as Intel recommend to utilize the drivers from the OEM.

This Optane Installation Guide may help you in the installation process. 


In the end I want to ask you - did you consider to buy a NVMe SSD (instead of Optane Memory ), to clone your O.S. from the HDD to this SSD and using the HDD as a data drive?