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Intel Optane paired with HDD in RAID 1


Is it possible to pair Intel Optane Memory with 2 HDD drives connected in the RAID 1 system? If yes, is it necessary to combine each one HDD with a separate Intel Optane Memory module so I would have to buy 2 Intel Optane modules to combine them with 2 HDDs connected in RAID 1? Is the capacity of an HDD drive important?

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Intel® Optane™ memory requires a single SATA drive for either system acceleration or secondary drive acceleration. RAID arrays or multiple Intel Optane modules are not supported.



For more details on the system requirements and supported configurations for Intel Optane memory, please check the following FAQs:



- Frequently Asked Questions about Installation and Configuration for Intel® Optane™ Memory


- Frequently Asked Questions for Intel® Optane™ Memory



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