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Only seeing my optane memory and not SSD


I'm not able to boot back to my windows 11. It says "Boot device not found, please install an operating system on your hard disk 3F0". I burned windows ISO on my USB using another computer and booted windows recovery, in diskpart the only disks I saw was the USB and a 27 GB disk which I think is optane memory. The 512 GB SSD isn't visible. 
I hopd into BIOS and clicked "UEFI HII Configuration", it had
"Incomplete volume member disks: TG 4.0 INTEL HBRPEKNX0202AHO TE913508Z8512B-2, 27.2GB"
So bios aswell didn't list the 512 GB SSD. I also have legacy support disabled.

I'm using: Intel® Optane™ Memory 32GB + Intel® NAND SSD 512GB

Any help will be really appreciated!

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Hi Herannn,

Thank you posting in Intel Community. The Serial number that you shared, it indicates Intel Optane H10 SSD. Kindly note that the product you are referring to has reached end of interactive support. 

Please note that when interactive support ends for a product or service, it typically means that we will no longer provide direct assistance or troubleshooting through interactive channels such as live chat, phone support, or interactive forums.



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