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Optane 1600X - does it work with 12-13 Gen?


Hello, fellows!


Have just purchased Optane 1600X just out of curiosity for experiments.


Are you absolutely sure that it doesn't work with 12-13 Gen as hybrid drive? Can't believe it!


Isn't it a relatively fresh model - less than 2 years old, isn't it? 12th Gen was already rolled out when this model popped up.


I just can't believe it can't work with fresh CPU's! Drive was produced 23 Dec 2021 - almost a YEAR after article says "Optane discontinued" (13th Jan 2021).


Maybe I misunderstood smth? And article concerns only old obsolete models.

How a device can be manufactured a YEAR after it was discontinued?


PS Right now I still use 9600KF @ Z390 MSI Ace platform. But intend to upgrade it as soon as I defeat my laziness.



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Hello, Alejandro64M.

Thank you for posting on the Intel Community Support forums.

I received your thread regarding Intel Optane SSD P1600X, and I will be assisting you with this.

This thread will be closed as a duplicate of the other one, which seems to have been already answered by the community.

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Bruce C.

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