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Optane Cache Drive 32gb not detected



I'm having trouble setting up Optane, I can't see the Optance memory in the bios or in windows....wondering if I need to send it in for RMA or I've missed something in the setup process.

Once setup I'm trying to accelerate my secondary drive, for the trouble shooting process I disconnected the secondary drive.

Trouble shooting: I've swapped m.2 slots for my nvme boot drive and optane drive, no change, nvme drive is still deleted where the Optane drive was.

Screen shots of the settings I used before reinstalling windows on the nvme drive.

Once in windows I ran diskpart and list disk, optanne still doesn't appear here.

Intel Core i7 8700KG.Skill Trident Z RGB F4-3200C16D-16GTZR 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 ASUS Z370 ROG Maximus X Hero Motherboard bios v 1602Samsung 970 EVO 500GB M.2 NVMe SSDSeagate Barracuda Pro 6TB ST6000DM004Intel Optane M.2 Cache Drive 32GB MEMPEK1W032GAXT

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Hello slinga002,



Thank you for contacting Intel® Technical Support.



As we understand, you need assistance with your Intel® Optane™ Memory Series If we infer correctly, to begin diagnosis and consequent troubleshooting that could take us to a resolution, and we would appreciate if you could, please, reply to this post with the following, important, basic information:



The SSU logs.



1- Go to and download the software.


2- When finished downloading it, open it.


3- Mark the box "Everything" and then click "Scan.


4- When finish scanning, click "Next."


5- Click on "Save."


6- Attach the file to your reply.



Based on the " Software and Platform Support for Intel® Optane™ Memory" article you may need a firmware update for your system to support the Optane memory technology:


Desktop Processor FamilySupported SKUsSupported ChipsetsSupported Driver Version8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processors Intel® Core™ i7-8700K Processor Intel® Z370 Chipset*16.0.2 or later *System BIOS update required*Please check with Asus about motherboard compatibility with secondary drive acceleration with your current BIOS version.



Based on the screenshot you shared with us from the "Disk management" of windows we noticed that the Optane memory is not being detected and as you mentioned your "Seagate Barracuda Pro 6TB ST6000DM004" is disconnected then the error saying that your system does not have a compatible disk is expected since your primary drive is an NVMe SSD.



To begin with the troubleshooting please try the following:
  1. Disconnect the "Samsung 970 EVO NVMe" device from the system.
  2. Reset your BIOS settings to factory defaults.
  3. Connect the Intel® Optane™ Memory to the M.2 port.
  4. Follow the instructions available on your " Manufacturer manual" chapter 4 section 4.1.3
  5. <span style="border: none windowtext 1.0pt; padding: 0in; background: white; font-si...
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Hi Josh,

Attached is the results for the SSU log. As you can see I have since reattached the 6tb drive, it's working fine.

I will try the troubleshooting steps this evening as I'm not in front of my PC. I will let you know of the results then.

Thanks for your assistance.

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Hi Josh,

I have done the following.

Disconnected all drives. (970 evo, optane and 6tb)

Reset BIOS settings to default settings

Reconnect the optane drive to M.2_1 slot

Followed the instructions on the user manual


And......nothing came up.

I then tried:

Disconnected the optane drive

Reset BIOS settings to default settings

Reconnected the optane drive to M.2_2 slot

Powered on the system, before I entered the BIOS I received a message saying a drive is present in the M.2_2 socket. See screenshot attached.

Followed the instructions on the user manual


And nothing again.

See screen shot 20180926_224114.jpg (this screenshot was about the forth attempt, I've reconnected the 6tb drive here)

Any advice would be appreciated.



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Hello slinga002,



Thank you for your reply and the information provided.



You are going to receive an email shortly from our advance technical support department in order to further assist you.



Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Best regards,



Josh B.


Intel Customer Support Technician


Under Contract to Intel Corporation


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