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Optane accelerated drive corrupted after bios update.




my Optane accelerated system failed to boot up after motherboard bios update. Error was "nobootaccess" or something similar. After changing sata connection to ahci I was able to boot to safemode only to discover my optane accelerated drive was not accessible. Restart to normal Windows with RST enabled in bios resulted another nobootaccess. After many attempts to boot my mb bios reverted itself back to bios version 1. After that it booted and started to repair optane accelerated drive(hdd). Then I noticed all my changes to the drive from past month exactly have been lost. Then I have been able to update my bios and my optane drivers but still all the data from the past month is lost. Currently Optane does not work because it says in the bios I have to revert to non optane and RST in windows says I have clear metadata. Is there any way restore the data from the past month?



My Optane drive is only to accelerate my secondary HDD,

My boot drive normal SSD.



Optane 32Gb

Boot drive Samsung 970 Evo 1TB

Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming 2.0-OP

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Hello, RNiit.


Good day,


Thank you for contacting the Intel Community Support.


I checked your thread regarding the corrupted drive after the BIOS update, I will be glad to assist you.


It is recommended to disable the Intel Optane acceleration before performing major changes to the system configuration, either hardware or software, to then enable the acceleration again once the changes have been completed.


It's strange that just the information from the past month disappeared, but there are no tools or methods we can offer to recover the information, the best option is to always keep a backup of your information in two different locations or separate drives; right now you have the option to clear the metadata in order to clean the Optane Memory and enable the acceleration again.


Sometimes you are able to connect the drive that was being accelerated and the information will be there, but due to the pairing with the Optane Memory, the information may have been corrupted or incomplete as in your case.


If I can try to assist you with anything else, please let me know.


Best regards,


Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel

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