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Several Intel Optane modules in one computer?


I have two M.2 ports, can I buy two Intel Optane and double speed? They will work in RAID?

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Hi StudioNti,



We understand your concern regarding the Intel® Optane™ Memory.



We would like to let you know that you can not use 2 modules at the same time on the same system because it is not supported. The Intel® Optane™ Memory is designed to work only with a SATA Boot drive



You could set up a RAID with the 2 Optane™ Memories only if you use them as a storage device. However, please bear in mind that we do not support the usage of the Intel® Optane™ Memory as a storage device.



For more information you can check the following article Frequently Asked Questions for Intel® Optane™ Memory.



Please let us know if there is something else we can assist you with.





Junior M.


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