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replace Optane 16GB with 32GB in laptop a heat problem?

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I just bought a laptop with 16GB Optane memory installed. I have a 32GB Optane memory module I pulled from a previous desktop pc and would like to use it to replace the 16GB in the laptop. Should I be concerned about possible overheating as the 32GB is a LOT faster at reads and writes than the 16GB. None of the laptop manufacturers list 32GB Optane memory as an option so is that because of overheating potential or just because 32GB Optane is "overkill"........I already have the 32GB and would like to use it, but ......?

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This is a question for your laptop vendor. You need to contact them.


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Thanks for your guidance. I was unable to get a knowledgable response from HP. Only that the 16GB Optane was on their approved list. I guess no one will know the answer until someone tests it out, or cares enough to try it out. I don't know if I want to take the chance myself.

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​Hi RRobe5.


Thank you for contacting Intel® SSD support.

We've sent you an email from our support group.


We will be looking forward to your reply.


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