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I want to know SSD's advanced technologies.



There are advanced techs on some SSDs.

Q1) Where is a useful technique about End-to-End Data Protection ?

In my opinion, in case of RAID, it may be useful. right?

I want to know more detail usage and value.

I would like to know how this feature works. Please explain for example.

Q2) How can I use "Hardware Encryption"?

When I copy files to a SSD that has the tech, does the SSD use "Hardware Encryption" on the files automatically?

Please explain how to use the tech with detail.

Q3) I want to know "Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection" more.

For example, if my PC suddenly turns off while copying files, how is file copying handled?

I would like to know how this feature works. Please explain for example.

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Hello, CKarl1.


Thank you for contacting the Intel Community Support.


I checked your ticket regarding the Advanced Technologies, I will be glad to assist you.


The Intel Ark page ( of the different Intel drives will display a brief explanation of each:


  • End-to-End Data Protection: Ensures the integrity of stored data from the computer to the SSD and back.
  • Hardware Encryption: This is data encryption performed at the drive level. This is used to ensure that the data stored on the drive is secured from unwanted intrusion.
  • Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection: Prepares the SSD for unexpected system power loss by minimizing data in transition in temporary buffers, and uses on-board power-loss protection capacitance to provide enough energy for the SSD firmware to move data from the transfer buffer and other temporary buffers to the NAND, thus protecting the system and user data.


That is the information available to the public, some additional details regarding the End-to-End Data Protection can be found in the following link (section 5, page 17):


Regarding the hardware encryption, is also worth mentioning that we do not offer tools to set the security or password of the SSD, this can be done depending on the system or software that you will use to set the security up; the tool of your preference should tell you what type of encryption the drive needs to support, you may verify with the developer in case you have additional questions on how the tool works or the minimum requirements that the drive needs to meet.


I hope you find this information useful, let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Best regards,


Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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Hello, CKarl1.


We have not heard from you since your first post 6 days ago, please, let us know if you need further assistance related to your Intel® product. We will be looking forward to your reply.


Best regards,


Josh B.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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