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Streaming Visual Ai


Hello, My name is James. I am trying to build a software that utilizes the advanced technology of streaming visual Ai. Luckily it is all 2d images for now.  Best way I can say it with fancy words is I am building an artificially intelligent fully automated stock trading bot. It will have a training and an inferencing neural network with ALL of my extensive technical trading knowledge, strategies and algorithms. If there is a study like moving averages or vwap that any pro trader or big wall street firm is using, running their rackets with automations on any ticker, I can spot them. Their algo's and decode their entire strategy. No matter the days direction I can profit up and down multiple times a day. I can train a NN to do it too! I just know it. 

I understand to build this software I will also need to run it on a front end app. Probably mainly mobile. SO lots of moving parts here. I see it being put over any trading software with these be trained active bots. I will have other traders and program their strats to other bots.  Rather someone wants to day trade or longer term stuff. So he ML to train I see can be done pretty easily. Even if I needed to cloud that. But the front end is what I am tryin to nail down. To forward propigate all that data in the neural network. I plan to use api's to funnel statistics and fundamental data that go into my thinking processes and logical steps to make the decisions. By myself with out bots or automations I can make about 125 trades in 1 hour. SO anyone follow? I hope? 

So whats my goal? To saas to the average the person Give them a user friendly app. I have some cool 3d ideas to help represent the bots predictions and give a visual overlay on the stock trading app giving the user chooses to short or go long.  Can def give probability stats on price movement. Where to initiate Buys or SELLs! Tons of cool stuff to piggy back on these already powerful trading apps/softwares like td ameritrade / Think or Swim. One day when Hedge Funds hate me and want to give their clients desperate clients that same Self Directed ira access. Then I'll Saas it to them as well. Share the wealth I always say.

So, help wanted! Please. Help me change the world. This will bring some equality to the pocket book. BTW.. I am 35 y/o. A high school drop out. No college and never read an actual book in my life. Was terrible at math.


But hey. I found my way here, didn't I?

Thank you! and happy Ai'ing


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