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AOC 16.1 does not compile and shows only header message

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Hi all, 


I am using AOCL 16.1 [pro] with INTEL-UNIVERSITY-PROGRAM license. 

I installed the device DE5-NET where AOCL and AOCL DIAGNOSE work well and show SUCCESS messages. 

When I try to compile any .cl file with AOC, i just recieve this message and AOC exits: 


aoc: Use Quartus Prime Standard Edition for non A10 devices. Current Quartus Version is: Quartus Prime Shell Version 16.1.0 Build 196 10/24/2016 SJ Pro Edition Copyright (C) 2016 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.  


Although Quartus PRO works fine and has no troubles with the license, i still suspect in a license issue. 

Any ideas what the problem would be ? 



  • The licnese has the following products: 



  1. Quartus PRO Edition Fixed for University Program 

  2. Altera SDK for OpenCL (University) 

  3. ModelSim + DSP 




  • The license has two companion IDs and the PC I am using is one of the two companion IDs not the main computer ID. 

  • The PC runs WINDOWS-7-SP1-64x and has only one NIC with a MAC-ADDRESS contained in one of the two companion IDs. 

  • The shown message comes from windows command window ran with admin rights when i issue the command: aoc -c device\ The parameters -v and --report has no effect. 




Thanks in advance !
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You should use Quartus Prime standard for compiling against Stratix V. Quartus Prime pro is for Arria/Cyclone/Stratix 10 devices.

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