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ASE simulation for AAL




I am trying to run ASE simulation for my AAL application. However on the site "" there is small section for AAL and it does not give a clear and detailed explanation for the flow. I think it is as simple as OPAE flow, however I couldn't manage to run the simulation. Is there any documentation or someone who can give detailed information about the flow?


PS: I am working on an on-going project, so I cannot switch to OPAE right now.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.

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I am not much familiar with AAL, however looking at the link you pointed, I can see


AAL legacy software

A few Broadwell machines remain available with the AAL driver loaded if you must continue to use AAL. The AAL user-space development environment is loaded by fpga-setup-env when the fpga-bdx-aal class is chosen. In general, the instructions for using AAL within the vLab environment are similar to OPAE. Configure the environment with fpga-setup-env, run synthesis jobs with qsub-synth, run simulation with qsub-sim and allocate an FPGA with qsub-fpga.


Another section in link describe the steps to run simulation.

and further detailed tutorial here



Here are some pointers to the ASE Quick starter guide


ASE user guide


See if these are helpful to you.