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Altera Support / How to file a bug report about Quartus?

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Hi All 


i've been trying to file a couple of bug reports with altera about quartus lite. These are fully repeatable, fully-documented, straightforward bug reports, one in the installer, one in qsys-generate. The particular issues have obvious workarounds but are nonetheless things you'd expect the developers to want to fix, and the fixes ought to be easy. The bugs wasted about two weeks of my time. 


It's a month now and am getting frankly ridiculous responses from the Support Center for my service requests. is there another channel to communicate with altera on this kind of thing?  


Altera makes lovely statements: "We ensure that all products and services receive optimum attention to detail, from conception to delivery." 


and "DRIVE Quality in everything we do to ensure the Customer’s total quality experience! 




[*=1]Deliver defect-free products and services on time 

[*=1]Requirements are met at all times for internal and external customers 

[*=1]Improve continuously 

[*=1]Verify effectiveness 

[*=1]Every Intel employee is responsible" 




I'm not seeing it in practice. Any comments or suggestions from those more experienced with Altera? Any Altera staff here who can tell me the right channel to file bug reports? 


Many thanks, 

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