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Are there any good debugging tools that can help us troubleshoot easily?


We currently using quartus ii web edition version 13sp1.

We are trying to deploy a solution for our customer using Altera Cyclone 2 FPGA. However, we are running into a problem related to state transition within one of our modules. Questions:


  1. FYI, we have a long list of states in the state machine and the state is monitored by an external logic analyzer. Occasionally, the state value captured by the analyzer is not a value set anywhere in the Verilog code. What could be causing this to happen?
  2. Are there any good debugging tools that can help us troubleshoot this issue easily?


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If your state machine has inputs, make sure you buffer (synchronise) these inputs with the clock. Otherwise, your logic network that defines transitions from one state to another could be in a transition and not in a stable state when your state variable is updated.