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Arria 10: Linux Kernel Configuration


Hello ,


I am designing linux OS for our custom board which took reference from Arria 10 SoC. While building u-boot , I did changes in qsys for all the hardware modification at HPS side , so that a .sof file is generated which build a uboot_mkpimage.bin .


But I am confused with the kernel configuration , I took reference from

which indicated that a dtb file is generated which is required to boot linux kernel.

This file is generated using sopcinfo and board xml files.

In order to boot the custom board , do we need to make any change in sopcinfo or board xml files , as we did in uboot build ?

If so ,how to modify xml files?


please do reply.




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In my understanding, if the changes in Qsys have connections with the HPS it needs to be rebuild.


Have you check the HOWTO Create a Device Tree:


There are sections for Arria 10 SoC, I recommend that you check it out.