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BlasterII driver installed but Quartus not detecting

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First time user familiarizing myself with Quartus using the SoCkit Cyclone Vand I have run into an issue programming the board. 


When I go into Programmer > Hardware Setup > Currently Selected Hardware, I do not get USB-BlasterII as an option. The only option I have is CV SoCKit [USB-1], which doesn't allow me to program the FPGA. I have gone into Device Manager (on Windows 10) and confirmed that the BlasterII drivers are installed. The two drivers appear under 'JTAG cables' labeled 'Altera USB-Blaster II (JTAG interface)' and 'Altera USB-Blaster II (System Console interface)'. 


Not sure how to troubleshoot this so any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 


EDIT: Resolved. The Blaster is part of the CV SoCKit device.
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