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Converting Existing Max+Plus II Project Using Quartus II Web Edition /Quartus Prime


Due to discontinuation in Max Plus II Licensing, we are trying to convert our old Max Plus II project and design files for use with Quartus software based on procedures written in this manual :


. We used MAX7000a chip for these old projects, therefore we are planning to use Quartus II 13 version. 

However, we are unable to find "Convert MAX+PLUS II Project" command as mentioned on above manual page 3-9.


Does this mean the "Convert MAX+PLUS II Project" no longer possible on the latest Quartus version?


If it is still possible, please kindly teach us the alternative method to convert the MAX PLUS II project file for use in Quartus software.

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Hi Afif,

The document showed is for 9.1 Quartus which is legacy and been discontinued. Convert Max+Plus project is impossible as the feature had been removed in 13.1. Therefore you have to manually convert the design targeting to devices supported in 13.1.

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