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Developent board real-time simulator


I am a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. In teaching logic circuits we have MAX5 CPLD devices as well as DE0-CV development boards, that our students normally use. While the ModelSim simulator has its uses, our students also need an experience that is more like that with actual hardware.

With the pandemic, approximately half our students are taking courses remotely. Given the need to reduce costs, the college is not willing to mail DE0-CV boards our to our international students or domestic students.

Given our inability to get hardware to our students, a simulator for hardware that works in real-time would be wonderful. Such a simulator would include switches, LEDs and the like and provide an experience similar to using actual hardware.

Is anyone aware of such a simulator? If you are still not sure of what I'm describing, please take a look at Tinkercad which can simulate circuits or PicsimLab which provides such an interface.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Professor,

Unfortunately, there no such simulator for Intel FPGA. However you can setup a remote local JTAG server programmer to program the board for the student to use.



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