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Eclipse Windows 10 dos2unix failure

New Contributor II

I have installed Quartus 20 lite on Windows 10 along with WSL 2 / Ubuntu. The dos2unix function is also installed. 

I can run Quartus and compile my design which includes Nios. However, when opening Eclipse and setting up a project, I get a failure on dos2unix as shown below. 

Additionally, I did the unzip of the tools in the eclipse-nios2 directory and followed the directions appropriately for downloading Mars2 version of eclipse. 

Finally, I run eclipse associated with Quartus 18 just fine on the same version of Windows were I am attempted to run Eclipse for Quartus 20. 

Any suggestions are much appreciated. 

Thanks, James







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can you try to install WSL1.

New Contributor II

Similar to some other posts on the forum which I did find, these are the steps that I did to get the Quartus 20.1 Lite to work on Windows 10: 

1. Unregistered Ubuntu 18.04 & set to version 1   "wsl --unregister Ubuntu-18.04"  

2. Reinstalled Ubuntu 18.04 - using the the windows 10 icon bar and typing Ubuntu-18 and clicking yes for the install option

3. Downgraded wsl to version 1    "wsl --set-version Ubuntu-18.04 1"

4. Installed make, dos2unix, and wsl 

Finally after following these steps I could get it to work. I think installing wsl within the Ubuntu command shell on Windows is a little hidden feature. In other words, one must install / configure wsl from the windows command prompt, as well as install wsl inside the Ubuntu shell. 

Thanks. James