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Eclipse not starting in Linux version

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I have done quite a bit of searching and I have not found a solution. When trying to open Eclipse Mars in Linux version 17.1, I get a segmentation fault error. Using valgrind, I find a strcat copy error that leads to segmentation fault. The problem seems to be an issue with libboost 1.59?? 


Is there a patch or workaround for this?
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I was also experiencing this same error when trying to run the eclipse-nios2 executable on Ubuntu 17.10 with both Quartus 17.1 and 18.0.0. Turns out I combined a solution from this this old Altera support forum post


and this Xilinx forum post


The solution consisted of downloading some 32bit gtk libraries mentioned in the Altera forum post, and setting the SWT_GTK3 env var equal to 0. After both of these steps I could open the eclipse-nios2 executable just fine.